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How To Pick a Good Power Supply PSU

24 April 2014

Choosing a Power Supply (PSU)

There are a few things you’ll need to consider when choosing a PSU for your next gaming/home and office PC system which we'll list for you below;

What are Modular Power Supplies?

Modular power supplies come with detachable cables, this helps significantly with cable management which improves both the airflow and appearance inside your PC. It is also important if you have a case that includes an acrylic window, Modular power supplies will help you make the most of your beautiful PC Case to showcase all of the goodies in your PC by minimizing the cable clutter from unused connectors.

Modular Power Supply (PSU)

Example of Modular Power Supplies

How many watts will you need?

There are tools out there on the internet to help you calculate this, you can simply use the calculators online to avoid doing too much of the guess work yourself. These tools will provide you with a rough estimation and will usually recommend more wattage than you require but will definitely help give you an idea of how much you should be looking at buying for your setup especially if you’re planning to use multiple Graphics Cards in your system. It is also definitely best to look at getting 100-200 watts more if you plan to overclock your system


Here is a list of online tools which you can use to calculate how much watts you'll need:

A decent 80 PLUS Rated 650 watt power supply will suffice for a standard gaming system with an i5/i7 CPU and a single GPU. For example, have a look at our MWAVE Intel Caliber 5.0 setup via the link below

80 Plus Ratings and what it means?

This determines how efficient your PSU is and how much power your PC will really be pulling out from the wall. This is calculated by dividing the maximum wattage via the PSU’s rated efficiency. For example; An 80 PLUS (80% Efficiency) 750w Power Supply will draw around 937 watts from the wall to provide you with the maximum wattage the power supply is rated at, so an extra 187 watts gets turned into heat inside your PC.  You can get Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium rated PSUs to get better efficiency although they will be accompanied by a higher price tag.


80 Plus Ratings

80 Plus Ratings


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