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21 March 2014

It’s Alive, Alive, Aaaaalllllliiiiivvvvveeee.



We have been working on getting our blog site up and running for a while, and finally it is here, to bring you all the Mwavey goodness.


So what’s it all about?


The blog has been set up to allow us here at Mwave, to better communicate with you the customer. Let you about what’s going on in the computer industry, what’s going on at Mwave - deals that we have going on, new products that we’re excited about - to pass on to you the knowledge that we as a collective team have about building the best system that your budget allows.


In the future we hope to bring you information about products that we are stoked on, products that are blowing us away with performance, and great deals on products all the time.


We will be bringing you news from the industry, be it news in the hardware industry, news from the gaming industry, or news from esports.


We here at Mwave are gamers, we are hardware enthusiasts, we love seeing a tricked out systems as much as you do. We love seeing a miraculous Pentakill as much as you, and a clean well executed World First Boss Kills always get us eager to log some hours. We await the release of new games as much as you do.


In the future we will be taking a look at Mwave gaming systems. Looking at how they perform in your favourite games, looking at what systems will fit into your budget, and getting you the best perfomance for your gaming dollars. Be it a budget gaming system, to an all out gaming rig designed for game capture and streaming.


What do you want to see from the new Mwave blog? Head on over to our facebook page and let us know, While you are there make sure to Like our facebook page, to keep up to date with the blog, and the amazing competitions that Mwave run.


Our First Piece of News is Mwave related.


The New Mwave Mobile Site has launched, you can check it out on your smartphone any time you want. Its the same Mwave site that you're used to browsing on your computer. We have streamlined the experience so that browsing and buying on the go is much easier and more enjoyable. Grab your phone, and go check it out now.

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