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Power Maintenance

11 December 2014


A quick rundown on power maintenance for your electronic device

Weather has been quite unstable with storms brewing in Sydney of late. An important issue many of us are aware of but always neglect is the safety of our electronic devices from the possibilities of receiving excess voltage that could lead to frying our devices which could be and not limited to:

-Mobile Phones
-Tablet Devices
-PC / Notebooks
-Home Theatre System


A direct strike from the lightning to your home could potentially burn out every piece of electrical equipment you have connected. Its a good thing its a rare occasion, however nearby hits can still produce a surge of excess voltage that can fry the insides of electronical products. 


There is 3 different ways to manage power to your electronic devices while protecting them from getting damaged. These include:

1. USB Battery Packs which will assist small portable devices which need charging efficiently and safely.

CyberPower USB Power Charger CP-BC2200 and the CyberPower USB Battery Pack CPBC5200T are great options as they are Long Lasting and Light weight. Also they come with LED Indicators, USB charging connectors and the battery is rechargeable.


2. The use of Surge Protectors which will help absorb spikes in the energy caused by storms and electrical power surges.

CyberPower Port Surge Protector HT0821TNCA0-AU is a great choice to go for as it has 8 Outlets, Suppresses upto 2750 Joules, LED Indicators, Coaxial Protection, Data/Network Protection and also has EMI/RFI Filters which assists in improving picture and sound quality.


3. Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS), which is similar to the USB Battery Packs the Battery Backup UPS is much more reliable than the USB Battery Pack as it can hold significantly more power that the USB Battery back and is capable of charging and powering devices like computers.

CyberPower BRIC-LCD UPS BR850ELCD offers home and small office users clean and stable battery backup. Automatic Voltage Regulation stabilizes the AC signal and maintains a safe voltage. The UPS has Surge Protection & Phone Line Protection while offering a USB Port to PC and contains LCD Display to help users guage the battery capacity that is remaining.


Recommended Products:

CyberPower USB Power Charger CP-BC2200 CyberPower CPBC5200T 5200mAh Portable USB Battery Pack CyberPower HT0821TNC1A0-AU 8 Port Surge Protector CyberPower BR850ELCD -BRIC-LCD 850VA / 510W Line Interactive UPS



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