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Closed For Labour Day Public Holiday - 2021

30 September 2021

We will be closed on Monday 4th of October 2021 due to the Labour Day Public Holiday. Please be aware that we will be closed on Monday 4th of October 2021 due to the Labour Day Public Holiday. You  ...

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What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)

10 September 2021

What is NAS Storage Network Attached Storage (NAS) is, as the name suggests, storage that’s connected to your devices and systems over a network. NAS can be connected via a traditional LAN cable, v ...

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Deepcool Castle EX ARGB AIO Showcase

25 July 2021

The best performing CPUs in 2021 need some serious cooling to tame them, not just for reliability and longevity reasons. Processors that get too hot under load can throttle, lead to a loss of performa ...

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How to Choose the Best Monitor

23 June 2021

Different monitor types are better suited to different uses such as graphic design, video editing and gaming. To make an informed choice, you have to find out which have the characteristics you value  ...

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Using Intel 10th Gen CPUs on 500-Series Motherboards

9 June 2021

Intel’s 500-Series chipsets aren’t just for 11th generation buyers, 10th generation owners and buyers can take advantage of loads of new features When you’re considering your next system upgrade, y ...

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Stocktake & Queen's Birthday - 12th & 14th June 2021 - Operating Hours

9 June 2021

Please note, we will be conducting stocktake on Saturday, 12th June 2021.   We will only be able to assist customers whose order status is "Ready For Pick Up" on this day.   During this day: No O ...

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Build your next system with Antec

24 May 2021

Whether you’re looking to build a system from scratch, upgrade that drab case that’s seen better days, or replace an old cooler that’s getting a bit dusty, Antec has a range of products to suit. Are y ...

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Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboards - What Are the Differences

5 May 2021

Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboards: What Are the Differences If you spend a lot of time on computers, it makes sense to get a high-quality keyboard. Typing, gaming and programming can be strongly inf ...

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Deepcool Coolers - For Intel 11th Gen CPUs

30 April 2021

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a system with an Intel 11th Generation CPU, you’ll need a quality cooler to get the best out of it. Deepcool offer a range of coolers to suit everything from an o ...

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Upgrade your PC with Cooler Master

14 April 2021

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, you might find yourself with some extra indoor time for gaming! What better way to supercharge your rig than to add an upgrade from Cooler Master. Whethe ...

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