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Buy barebones and NUC systems from Mwave!

Barebones and NUC systems are pre-assembled compact computers normally designed for home or office use in light to moderately demanding environments. For some barebones and NUC systems you will only need to buy a monitor and peripherals. For some other barebones and NUC systems you may need to buy components such as RAM, storage and an operating system. If you are willing to pay a price premium, it is possible to create a high-performance gaming PC from a barebones/NUC starting point by adding a dedicated graphics card. Many Shuttle PCs ship with powerful power supplies to support high-performance graphics cards. Some NUCs, like the Intel Skull Canyon, may have support for Thunderbolt 3 thus giving support for external GPUs. Intel's new Hades Canyon NUC provides sufficient on-board CPU and GPU power (utilising RX Vega M) to play the latest games. Mwave’s stock of barebones and NUC systems are all powered by Intel. We stock barebones and NUCs from leading brands such as Asus, Gigabyte, Intel, MSI, Shuttle and more!


Why should I buy a NUC over a barebones system (e.g. Shuttle)?

NUCs offer a computing experience without the need for a large PC tower. NUCs are no larger than a small block of cheese which frees up desk space. Some NUCs can also be VESA mounted on the back of a monitor to free up even more room.


Why should I buy a barebones system over a NUC?

Barebones systems are typically larger than a NUC, but this means that hardware compatibility is improved. Many Shuttle barebones systems are large enough to fit a dedicated graphics card for improved gaming and content creation performance.