Consider a new microphone and let your audience hear you loud and clear. Wired USB microphones and wireless Bluetooth microphones from well-known brands such as Audio-Technica, RODE, BlueMic, Jabra, and others are available at competitive prices. Besides capsule microphones and gaming boom microphones, Mwave also sells conference speakerphones, microphone kits, and suspension mounts, mic stands, and other microphone accessories.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 219 Products

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At Mwave, we offer microphones designed for all types of needs and budgets. Our range of microphones include gaming and streaming microphones, recording microphones, portable microphones, boom microphones, conference microphones and more! If you want to stream or record gameplay commentary, you can always use the integrated microphone on your headset however the audio quality will be lacking. A good quality dedicated microphone could increase your Twitch followers and YouTube subscribers. Our range of AntLion ModMics can add functionality to your existing headphones. We also stock microphone accessories such as microphone arms, adapters and more. We stock microphones from leading audio brands such as Asus, Audio-Technica, Blue Microphones and many more!