Ultimate "Spy" Watch Camera with 4GB Storage
SKU# AA83663

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SKU # AA83663 | Model #

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Ultimate Spy Watch Camera - 640 x 480 Resolution

This unit resembles a typical "chrono" type aviator/divers wristwatch. It even keeps good time! More importantly it will record video, in AVI format, 640 x 480 resolution. That's up to 60 minutes, also audio, subject to the unit being fully charged via the USB port. It will also take about 1200 still pictures!

• You can download your video, audio or stills via a 2.5mm to USB lead supplied.
• Watch bezel measures 42(Dia) x 15(D)mm
• Gift boxed


Even though this looks like a 30m+ divers watch IT IS NOT. It is not waterproof.


SKU # AA83663 | Model #

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