Leap Motion Controller for Browsing on Screen by Lifting Your Finger Only
SKU# AB52242, Model# LM010

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SKU # AB52242 | Model # LM010

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Without using a mouse or a keyboard, now you can just lift your hand or fingers through connecting the Leap Motion Controller (LM010) to your PC to browse the WEB, read articles, flip through images on your screen.

We are all accustomed to using hand gestures on our smartphones and tablets, the Leap Motion Controller translates this to the PC and adds its own motion sensing technology to give freedom to users to “touch the screen” without actually touching it!

The motion controller is designed to capture each movement you make with your fingers and transmit them to your PC. It is so precise and accurate, able to detect your fingers’ motions up to 1/100th of a millimeter. With it, you can browse the web, flip through pages in a document, maximize and minimize viewing screens by pinching, sculpt and bend 3D objects and much more!

If you are into 3D modelling, designing games, or simply looking for a new way to interface with your computer on a personal and virtual level, this controller’s motion detection capability will give you a new and fresh way to virtually interact with your laptop or desktop regardless of whether it has a touch screen or not.



SKU # AB52242 | Model # LM010

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